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New for summer 2022!

Oceans of Fun!

Reading gives us "Oceans of Possibilities" with all the books that are available. One of our favorite stories "Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea" by author Jan Peck, has inspired us to produce a puppet program centered around the ocean and using our imagination. We have built our first ever surround puppet stage shown here. Our puppet friend, Elmer, will take an ocean adventure with First Mate Maggie the sailor. We'll sail the deep blue sea and along the way we'll encounter lots of puppet friends and lively tunes. A frightened dolphin caught in a fisherman's net will be saved by Elmer. A "C" turtle (not an A or B turtle) will show off his plastic bag super hero cape causing Maggie to teach a lesson on taking good care of our oceans and remembering to put our trash where it belongs. A sunken pirate ship on the bottom will reveal a treasure guarded by a mysterious skeleton marionette. A fierce shark will threaten Elmer and his friends, but the dolphin that was saved from the net earlier will save the day by chasing away the shark. There is much more in the show with a BIG surprise ending revealing that with your imagination you can go anywhere.

Captain Maggie behind her puppet stage

Captain Maggie behind her puppet stage. Puppets pictured are: Mary the captain of the yellow submarine, Cecil the super hero "C" turtle, Henrietta Hen wearing her itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini and Big Brother Octopus.

Captain Maggie behind her puppet stage

Captain Maggie with "Mr. Bones". He guards the sunken pirate ship in the program.

In front of a live audience