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Margaret Clauder Presents - Pictures of Live Performances!

Here are a few live action pictures taken at performances of Margaret Clauder. You'll see lots of smiling facing - happy people in the audience, and happy planners who booked Margaret for their school or library! As we receive more pictures, they will be added to the gallery. Enjoy! (Do you need pictures for printing? Mother Goose, Bookworm, and more are here!)

Mother Goose visits Farmers Branch Manske Library
Denise Wallace, Children's Literacy Supervisor
Farmers Branch Manske Library
Mother Goose visits Farmers Branch Manske Library
Mother Goose, Goosey, and friends including Miss Muffet, the Queen, and the Little Maid in the Garden - at the Farmers Branch Manske Public Library.
Mother Goose visits Farmers Branch Manske Library
Mother Goose performing for a very attentive audience at the Farmers Branch Manske Public Library for the Summer Reading Club.
"Margaret, thank you so much for participating in our performance line up this year during our Summer Reading Program. Your presence was most appreciated and the feedback we received from our families and their children was very positive. Continued support towards our youth from entertainers, educators, cheerleaders, storytellers, and inspirers (all of which you are!) deserves to be recognized. Several of our audience made sure to tell me how very impressed they were with your talent and how much they enjoyed your show. Best wishes to the rest of your year and we look forward to future scheduling next year!"

Denise Wallace, Children's Literacy Supervisor
Dustin Nordt, Children's Librarian
Ally Boland, Teen Librarian
Farmers Branch Manske Library
Photograph of Bookworm telling a story. Bookworm with a young helper.
The Bookworm telling a story at Van Alstyne. The Bookworm with a helper and her book puppet. Books really do come alive with the Bookworm!
Picture of the Bookworm devouring a book. Photograph of Mother Nature with a helper.
There's nothing the Bookworm likes better than a good read! Mother Nature acting out a spring time story at the Prosper Library.
Photograph of Mother Goose with a boy helper. Photograph of Mother Goose dancing.
The boy who would be king; if only his crown fit! Mother Goose dancing a lively step to a rhyming song.
Photograph of Patchy with scarecrow costume contestants.
To celebrate, the library had a scarecrow costume contest. Here the winners pose with Patchy!
A photograph of the crowd at a Patchy show.
A reaction from the crowd as they watch Patchy perform a funny, fall show that features the corn seed cycle!

If you have some photos from a live performance and would like to share them, please do! Send them to for use at this site. Please include the date and location with the picture. Once you have the picture ready to send, why not also send it to a colleague or two? Many of Margaret's shows are booked through referrals given by someone who has seen one of her programs. If you know someone who could benefit by learning about an experienced performer like Margaret Clauder, would you please send a copy of the picture to them, too? Thank you so much!